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Our team regularly visits Devizes to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Devizes's Street Names

Use the grid reference in the key below to find the street in the map's grid above.

Addington CloseE5
Alan Cobham RoadG4
Albert TerraceD4
Anstie CloseF2
Anstie CourtD2
Anzio RoadG1
Ash WalkG1
Avon RoadB3
Avon TerraceC2
Awdry RoadE5
Badgers CloseE4
Bailey CloseG1
Bath RoadA3
Baynton CloseE5
Beauclerc StreetB3
Beechfield DriveG1
Beechwood CloseG1
Bellevue RoadC2
Belvedere TerraceE3
Bluebell WalkG1
Bowes CourtD5
Bratton AvenueE4
Brickham RoadF2
Brickley LaneF3
Bricksteed AvenueE3
Bridewell SquareD3
Bridewell StreetD3
Broadleas CloseD4
Broadleas CrescentD5
Broadleas ParkC5
Broadleas RoadD4
Brook GarensG1
Burnham CourtE5
Byron RoadE5
Caen Hill GardensA3
Caird LawnsE4
Canal WayG1
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Castle LaneD3
Castle RoadD3
Century CloseG3
Chandler CloseF3
Chapel CourtE5
Charles Morrison CloseD4
Charter CloseF2
Chivers RoadF3
Church WalkE3
Clock Tower LodgeD5
Coate RoadG2
Colston RoadC2
Combe WalkF1
Commercial RoadD3
Cooke CourtD5
Copings CloseD4
Coppers RoadE2
Corn Croft LaneG1
Cornfield RoadF3
Cornwall CrescentC4
Couch LaneD2
Cowslip CloseF2
Crammer CourtE3
Cranesbill RoadF2
Cromwell RoadF4
Crossmolina BuldingsD3
Cunnington CloseF3
Cygnet CloseG1
Cyprus TerraceC2
Davies DriveG1
Devizes RoadB2
Dowes RoadE2
Downlands RoadD5
Downs CloseF3
Drakes AvenueE4
Drews Pond LaneD5
Dundas CloseA3
Dunkirk HillB2
Eastleigh CloseF4
Eastleigh RoadF4
Edward RoadD4
Elcombe GardensC3
Elizabeth DriveF3
Elliot CourtD5
Elm Tree CloseF4
Elm Tree GardensF4
Estcourt CrescentE3
Estcourt StreetE3
Estcourt TerraceE3
Eyles RoadE5
Ferguson RoadF5
Ferozeshah RoadG1
Flax Mill ParkF2
Folly RoadF1
Fordson RoadF5
Forty Acres RoadE3
Franklyn RoadG1
Freeman RoadF3
Fruitfields CloseD5
Gables CloseF4
Gains LaneE3
Golden RoadE1
Granary CloseF3
Granary RoadF3
Great Western CloseC3
Green LaneE5
Greenfield RoadE5
Gundry CloseE3
Hambleton AvenueG1
Hare And Hounds StreetD3
Harebell WayF2
Hartmoor CloseC4
Hartmoor RoadC4
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Henman CloseD3
High LawnB3
High StreetD3
Hillier RoadG1
Hillworth GardensD4
Hillworth RoadC4
Hodge CloseF3
Hopgood CloseG1
Hopkins RoadF3
Hopton RoadF1
Horse LeazeG1
Horton AvenueG1
Horton RoadG1
Jackson CloseE4
Janbry ParkF5
John Rennie CloseC4
Jubilee BuildingsC2
Jubilee RoadG3
Jump Farm RoadF3
Keepers RoadE2
Kemp CloseE3
Kennet RoadE4
Killbrock MeadG1
Kiln CloseF3
Kingfisher DriveG1
Kingsley GardensF3
Kingsley RoadE3
Kingsmanor WharfF1
Kirby CloseF2
Lansdowne RoadD3
Lansdowne TerraceD3
Lawrence CloseE5
Le Marchant CloseF1
Little BrittoxD3
Lochem RoadG1
London RoadE2
Long StreetD4
Longcroft AvenueE3
Longcroft CrescentE4
Longcroft RoadE4
Longfields WalkE5
Longleys CloseG4
Lower WharfC2
Mallard CloseG1
Marguerite RoadF4
Marina CloseG1
Maryport StreetD3
Maslen CloseF3
Massey RoadF5
Matilda WayF2
Mattock CloseF3
Maud CloseF2
Mayenne PlaceA3
Meadow DriveE3
Middlefield CloseE3
Mill CloseE5
Mill RoadE5
Millennium CloseF3
Monday Market StreetD3
Monument HillG5
Morris LaneD3
Moyne CloseC3
Naughton AvenueG1
Neate RoadF2
New Park RoadD2
New Park StreetD3
Newlands WalkF4
Newman RoadE5
North Arakan RoadG1
Northgate GardensC3
Northgate StreetC3
Nursteed CloseF4
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Nursteed MeadowsG4
Nursteed ParkE4
Nursteed RoadE4
Oamaru WayF3
Old ParkC5
Orchard CloseD5
Osmund CloseF4
Osmund RoadG4
Palmer RoadE2
Pans LaneD4
Park ViewB3
Phillip CloseF2
Pines RoadF4
Pinetum CloseC4
Potterne RoadD4
Prince Maurice CourtG1
Proudman RoadF2
Quakers RoadE2
Quarry CloseF3
Queen's RoadD4
Radnor CloseE4
Redhorn GardensE4
Reed CloseF3
Reeves RoadF5
Richmond CloseG1
Rider CloseG1
Roseland AvenueE3
Roundway GardensE1
Roundway ParkE1
Rowan DriveG1
Rowan GardensG1
Royal Oak CourtD3
Rupert CloseG1
Salisbury StreetA3
Sarum DriveE4
Sedgefield GardensD3
Shackleton RoadF4
Sheep StreetD3
Sidmouth StreetD3
Slade HouseD3
Sleight RoadF5
Snuff StreetD3
Southbroom RoadD3
Southgate CloseD4
Speer CourtD5
Spitalcroft RoadE2
Springers CloseF3
St James GardensD3
St. Bridget CloseF3
St. James PlaceD3
St. John's CourtD3
St. John's StreetD3
St. Josephs PlaceC3
Stanley TerraceD4
Station RoadC3
Steele CloseF3
Stockwell RoadF2
Stokes CloseG1
Sudweeks CourtD3
Sussex WharfC2
Sutton PlaceD3
Teasel CloseG4
The BreachD4
The BrittoxD3
The ChequersD3
The CresentF1
The CroftE3
The FairwayD5
The GinnelD3
The GreenE3
The IslandE3
The Market PlaceD3
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The MewsE2
The MoorlandsC4
The NurseryC2
The OaksG1
The PatchwayF3
The SidingsC3
The WicketD4
Thomas Wyatt RoadD5
Thurnham CourtD5
Tilley CloseF3
Tintern RoadD5
Tornio CloseF2
Tylees CourtD3
Victoria RoadD3
Wadworth RoadE2
Waiblingen WayC2
Walden Lodge CloseD5
Waterside ParkG1
Way Side DriveF5
Webbs LaneB3
Wessex CloseF3
West View CrescentC4
Wharf StreetD2
White Horse WayF1
Wick LaneD5
William RoadF5
Willow DriveG1
Windsor DriveF3
Wine StreetD3
Wood LeazeG1
Woodford CloseE5
Woodland WayD5
Wyatt CourtD5
Wyvern CloseG1