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Our team regularly visits Tewkesbury to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Tewkesbury's Street Names

Use the grid reference in the key below to find the street in the map's grid above.

Abbey CourtA3
Abbey MeadowC5
Abbey TerraceA4
Abbey ViewB4
Abbot's RoadB5
Abbot's WalkA5
Alpha CloseE2
Ambrosia WalkC1
Anne WalkD6
Arlington RoadD5
Arundel RoadC1
Ashchurch RoadD2
Avon ViewD1
Avoncrest DriveC1
Back Of AvonA3
Back Of Mount PleasantB3
Barton CourtC3
Barton MewsB3
Barton RoadB3
Barton StreetB3
Battle RoadA5
Beauchamp RoadD6
Beauchamp WalkD6
Beaufort PlaceB5
Belfry DriveB4
Bellflower CottagesD5
Bellflower RoadD5
Beta CloseE1
Bishops WalkB2
Bluebell GroveD6
Bramley RoadC2
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Bredon RoadC1
Brensham RoadE2
Bristow RoadD6
Brook CourtC2
Buckingham CloseD5
Byron CloseC4
Cambrian RoadD5
Camelia WalkC1
Canterbury LeysD2
Carrant RoadC2
Chance StreetB3
Chapel Court (1)B3
Charles CloseD5
Charleswood Alley (2)B3
Chestnut GroveD6
Church StreetA3
Churchill GroveD3
Clarence RoadB4
Clifford AvenueC5
Columbine RoadD6
Compton's Alley (3)B3
Conigree LaneB5
Cormorant AvenueC4
Cornflower CloseD6
Cotswold GardensC2
Cotteswold RoadB2
Courtney CloseB6
Coventry CloseB5
Crouch CourtB4
Crown RoadD6
Crown WalkD5
Cypress RoadC5
Delta DriveE1
Derwent DriveD1
Desiree DriveC1
Despenser RoadB4
Devonshire PlaceB5
Digby DriveC2
Dukes WayB5
Eagles Alley (4)B3
East StreetB3
Edward PlaceB5
Elmbury DriveD2
Elmvil RoadE2
Falcon RoadD6
Feltham WayC1
Fieldfare WalkD6
Fish Alley (5)B3
Fletcher's Alley (6)B3
Folly GardensB3
Foresters RoadB4
Foxglove WalkD6
Fryzers Court (7)B3
Furrowfield ParkE2
Gadwell RoadD4
Gainsborough RoadD5
Gander LaneA3
Gannaway LaneE2
Gas AlleyB2
Gloucester RoadA5
Gravel WalkB2
Graylag CrescentC4
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Grayston CloseD1
Green LaneE2
Gupshill CloseB5
Harbour ViewB2
Harrier CloseD4
Hastings PlaceB4
Hawkmoth RoadD5
Hazel AvenueD6
Henry CrescentD6
Hever CloseC5
High StreetB3
Hollams RoadB2
Holm RoadB6
Holmoak CloseC5
Hone CourtB3
Howells RoadB3
Hughes Alley (8)B3
Jasper DriveD6
Jeynes RowB2
Jubilee WayC4
King John's CourtB2
Kings GateD3
Knights WayD3
Lancaster RoadB5
Lancer CloseD5
Lanes CourtB3
Laurel AvenueC5
Laurel CottagesD5
Lexington CloseD5
Lilley's Alley (9)B3
Lime RoadC5
Lincoln CloseA5
Lincoln Green LaneA5
Link RoadB3
Longtown RoadC5
Lower Lode LaneA4
Machine Court (10)B3
Malmsey CloseB6
Manor ParkD1
Manor PlaceB5
Margaret RoadB4
Masons Court (11)B3
Maxstoke CloseC5
Meadow CloseD1
Melrose WalkB1
Mill BankA3
Mill StreetA3
Millennium CloseC5
Milne PasturesE2
Mitton CourtC2
Mitton WayC1
Monks Field WayB4
Monterey RoadC6
Moulder RoadD3
Mount Pleasant RoadB3
Mowbray AvenueB6
Musket CloseD5
Mythe RoadA2
Nelson Street (12)B3
Neville RoadB4
Newlands PlaceB3
Newtown LaneD2
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Nightingale WayD6
North East TerraceB3
Oakfield CloseE1
Old Hospital Lane (13)B2
Old Manor LaneD1
Old Post Office Alley(14)B3
Oldbury RoadB3
Orchard Court (15)B3
Palm RoadC5
Peach CloseD5
Peach CottagesD5
Perry HillB4
Pinnine CloseD5
Post Office LaneA3
Pyke RoadD3
Quay StreetB3
Queens RoadB4
Red LaneB2
Redwing CloseD6
Redwing WalkD6
Richard PlaceB5
Richmond RoadC6
Rope WalkB3
Rose PlaceB5
Rosefield CrescentD3
Roses Court (16)B3
Rowan DriveD6
Saffron RoadB3
Sanders Court (17)B3
Savery PlaceE1
Second Crossing RoadD6
Shannon WayE2
Shephard MeadA4
Sigma CloseE2
Smith's LaneB3
Snowdonia RoadC5
Somerset PlaceB5
Spa GardensD3
Sparrow CloseD6
Spring GardensB3
St Benedict's CloseB4
St. Mary's LaneA3
St. Mary's RoadA3
Stanton RoadC2
Starling RoadD6
Starling WalkD6
Station LaneB2
Station RoadC2
Station StreetB3
Stephens Alley (18)B2
Stokes CourtB3
Sun StreetB2
Swilgate RoadB3
Ted Preston CloseB5
Thatcham RoadC6
The MaltingsB3
The OrchardB2
Theocs CloseA5
Tirle Bank WayD3
Tolzey LaneA3
Trafalgar RoadC1
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Tretawn GardensD3
Trinity StreetB3
Troughton PlaceD3
Tudor PlaceB5
Union Place (19)B3
Vine WayB5
Wakeman CloseD5
Walkley RoadB2
Walls Court (20)B3
Walton Cardiff LaneD3
Walton CloseE2
Walton GardensD3
Walton HouseD3
Warders Alley (21)B3
Warwick PlaceB4
Watledge CloseB3
Webbs WayC1
Well Alley (22)B2
Wenlock RoadB4
Wigeon LaneC4
Wilding CloseC2
Willow DriveD6
Winyards CloseC3
Woodrush RoadD5
Woodville RoadC6
Workman CloseB2
Yarnall's Alley (23)B3
York RoadB5