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The Ammanford map has been drawn by our talented team at Standbrook Guides. We regularly check and update the map by visiting the area.

Street map of Ammanford

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  • Ammanford High Street

    Ammanford High Street

  • Ammanford, Shopping

    Ammanford, Shopping

  • Welcome, Ammanford

    Welcome, Ammanford

Facts about Ammanford

Welcome, Ammanford

Ammanford, Wales is an attractive town situated in Carmarthenshire, 17 miles North of Swansea and is served by the A483 and A474 and the local railway station with trains to Swansea to the south and Shrewsbury to the north Ammanford was renamed in theeearly 19th century due to its expansion during the industrial revolution. Ammandford is the main shopping area for local villages with plenty of shops, restaurants and local businesses that are listed on this site, offer most services required by local residents
All the main public services are available locally with a number of community activities, clubs and organisations for all age groups. With leisure centres, golf course, camping, football, tennis, rugby clubs and other sports in and around Ammandford and the local area, there is plenty to do. All these details can easily be found within this website under the headings of Public Services, Clubs and Organisations and Local Businesses

Postcode District SA18
Dialling Code 01269
Local MP Jonathan Edwards
Nearest A&E Morriston Hospital

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