Kidlington map & a map of Woodstock

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Our team regularly visits Kidlington to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Kidlington's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Kidlington map above.

Alexander CloseF3
Almond AvenueE3
Andersons CloseD2
Ash CloseF3
Astley AvenueF4
Axtell CloseD2
Aysgarth RoadC4
Azalea AvenueF4
Banbury RoadD1
Barn CloseD2
Bartholomew AvenueC4
Basset WayF2
Beagles CloseG3
Beech CrescentF4
Begboke HillB3
Begbroke CrescentB2
Begbroke LaneB2
Begbroke ManorB2
Belgrove CloseE3
Bellenger CloseE3
Ben CloseE1
Benmead RoadE2
Bernard CloseD5
Bicester RoadG3
Blandford RoadD1
Blenheim RoadF3
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Bowerman CloseE3
Bramley CloseG3
Brandon CloseE3
Brasenose DriveF2
Briar CloseD1
Briar EndD1
Broad CloseE3
Broad Field RoadC3
Buckland CourtF3
Calves CloseE3
Chamberlain PlaceD2
Charlbury CloseD1
Cherry CloseE3
Cherwell AvenueG2
Church LaneC5
Church StreetF1
Churchill PlaceC4
Churchill RoadE3
Cleveland CloseG3
Coach House MewsA2
Copthorne RoadE3
Cresswell CloseD5
Croft AvenueF2
Cromwell WayG3
Crown RoadE2
Croxford GardensE4
Curtis RoadE2
Dale PlaceE2
Dashwood AvenueC4
Deaufort CloseE2
Dukes RoadF2
Eaton GateG3
Edinburgh DriveG3
Elm GroveF4
Evans CourtF3
Evans LaneF3
Evenlode CrescentB1
Exeter CloseE2
Exeter RoadE2
Fairfax RoadF4
Farm CloseF1
Fernhill CloseD2
Fernhill RoadB2
Field CloseF2
Field Close ( Yarnton )C4
Flatford PlaceD1
Fletcher CloseC4
Florence CloseF2
Follets CloseC5
Forester's WayE2
Foxdown CloseF3
Foxglove RoadC2
Franklin CloseF1
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Free Born CloseF1
Gosford CloseF4
Gravel Pits LaneC4
Great Close RoadD5
Green LaneD5
Green RoadF2
Greystones CourtE2
Hampden DriveF4
Hampden FarmF2
Hardwick AvenueF3
Harts CloseD3
Hawthorn WayF3
Hayday CloseC5
Hazel CrescentF4
Hewlys PlaceE1
Heyford MeadE2
High StreetE2
Holly CloseF3
Home CloseE2
Honor CloseF2
Judges CloseE2
Kingsway DriveG3
Laburnum CrescentF4
Lakesmere CloseD1
Lambs CloseF1
Lane CloseD2
Langford LaneB1
Langford LocksC1
Lee CloseD1
Lincraft CloseF3
Little BlenheimB5
Livingstone CloseC3
Lock CrescentE4
Lovelace DriveG3
Lyne RoadD2
Magnolia CloseE3
Manor WayF1
Maple AvenueF3
Maple CourtF3
Marlborough AvenueE1
Marlborough CloseD1
Marsh CloseD5
Mead RoadD5
Mead WayE1
Meadow ViewE1
Meadow WayC4
Merton WayC5
Mill EndG2
Mill StreetF2
Morrell CloseD2
Morton AvenueE3
Morton CloseE3
Mulcaster AvenueF2
Newport CloseE3
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Nurseries RoadE2
Oak DriveF2
Old Chapel CloseF2
Orchard WayF2
Osborne CloseE3
Oxford RoadF3
Park AvenueE1
Partridge PlaceD1
Petre PlaceF2
Pixey CloseC5
Ploughley CloseE3
Poplar CloseF3
Poppy CloseC3
Postern TerraceE2
Pound CloseC5
Prestidge CloseF3
Primrose PlaceF2
Quarry EndC2
Queens AvenueG2
Roundham CloseD2
Rowan CloseE3
Rowel DriveC2
Rutten LaneC4
Rutters CloseD2
Ryder CloseC3
Sandhill RoadB2
Sandy LaneD3
School RoadF2
Scott CloseE3
South AvenueF4
South CloseF4
Spencer AvenueC4
Spring Hill RoadA2
Springfield RoadF2
Spruce RoadE3
St. Johns DriveF2
St. Mary's CloseF1
St. Michael's LaneB2
Stanley CloseC3
Station ApproachD1
Sterling CloseE2
Sterling RoadE2
Sterling Road ApproachE2
Stocks Tree CloseC5
Stoutsfield CloseC5
Stratfield RoadF4
The BoulevardC1
The ClosesE2
The GarthC4
The HomesteadD2
The Kidlington CentreE2
The MoorlandsE1
The MoorsE1
The PaddocksC5
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The ParadeF4
The PhelpsD2
The RidingsD1
The RookeryE2
The SpearsC4
The Town GreenF2
Thorne CloseD2
Treeground PlaceE3
Vicarage RoadF2
Water Eaton LaneG3
Waverly AvenueG3
Webbs WayF2
White WayF3
Willow CloseC4
Willow WayC2
Wilsdon WayD2
Winston CloseE3
Wise AvenueE1
Woodstock RoadA1
Woodstock Road EastB2
Yarnton CourtE3
Yarnton LaneE4
Yarnton RoadE3
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Our team regularly visits Woodstock to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Woodstock's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Woodstock map above.

Ashford CloseB3
Banbury RoadD2
Bear CloseB2
Blenheim CourtC2
Boundary CloseC2
Briar ThicketD3
Brook HillB2
Browns LaneB2
Budd CloseD2
Cadogan ParkC3
Campbells CloseD2
Caroline CourtB2
Chaucer LaneA2
Churchill CloseC2
Churchill GateC3
Cockpit CloseB3
Crecy WalkC3
Farm EndA2
Flemings RoadD3
Glovers CloseC3
Glyme CloseB2
Green LaneC2
Harrisons LaneA2
Hedge EndD3
Hensington CloseD2
Hensington RoadB2
High StreetB3
Hill RiseA1
Kerwood CloseC2
Lewisfield WayD2
Manor RoadA1
Market PlaceB3
Market StreetB2
Marlborough CrescentA1
Mavor CloseA1
Meadow WalkC3
New RoadC2
Oxford RoadC3
Oxford StreetB2
Park LaneB3
Park SideC3
Park StreetA3
Plane Tree WayD3
Princes RideC3
Ramillies CloseD2
Randolph AvenueD2
Recreation RoadC2
Rectory LaneB3
Rosamund DriveA1
Rye GrassD2
Sansoms CourtD2
Shipton RoadD2
Spencer CloseD2
Spencer CourtB2
The CausewayA2
The CovertC3
The LeyC3
The QuadrangleC2
Union StreetB2
Upper Brook HillB2
Vanbrugh CloseA1
Verenia CourtC2
Vermont DriveA1
Wessex CourtC2
Westland WayA1
Winston WalkD2