Wells map & a map of Shepton Mallet

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Our team regularly visits Shepton Mallet and Wells to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Shepton Mallet and Wells's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Wells map above.

Alfred StreetC5
Algar CourtB3
Allens LaneF3
Ash CloseD2
Ash GroveC2
Ash LaneC2
Balch RoadB4
Barkham CloseE3
Barley CloseB4
Barnard CourtB3
Barnes CloseB3
Bath RoadF3
Becket PlaceD4
Bedford RoadF3
Bekynton AvenueF3
Berryman CourtB3
Beryl LaneE2
Besley CourtB3
Bignal Rand CloseB4
Bignal Rand DriveB4
Bishopslea CloseB5
Blake RoadC3
Bristol HillD2
Broad CloseF3
Broad StreetD4
Brookes CourtB3
Browne's PlaceC4
Bubwith WalkA4
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Burcott RoadB4
Campkin RoadA4
Canons' CourtD3
Carlton CourtD4
Carlton MewsD4
Catcott RoadD5
Cathedral GreenD3
Chamberlain StreetC3
Chantry CloseE3
Charter WayB3
Cheddar Valley BuildingsC4
Cherry OrchardB2
Cherry Orchard DriveB2
Cherry Tree OrchardB4
Churchill AvenueF3
Churchill CloseG3
Churchill RoadF3
Churchill Road EastF3
Clares RoadD4
Clements CloseB4
College RoadD2
Colles CloseF2
Colles RoadF2
Constitution HillE3
Coronation RoadB3
Crease ClseA4
Creighton CloseF3
Dairy CloseB2
Davies CourtB3
Davis TerraceC4
Dodd AvenueE2
Drake RoadF2
Durkheim DriveC3
Elm CloseA3
Ethel StreetC4
Everett CloseF2
Fir Tor AvenueC2
Foster CloseF3
Foster CourtD4
Gate LaneC5
Glastonbury RoadC5
Golding CloseB3
Goodymoor AvenueB2
Greens PlaceD4
Griffin CloseB2
Guard House LaneD3
Hamilton CourtB3
Hann CloseB5
Harewell WalkB4
Hawkers LaneF2
Henderson PlaceC3
Heritage Court YardD3
Hervey RoadF3
High StreetD3
Hill Side CloseC2
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Hooper AvenueF3
Hope CloseB3
Huddleston CourtD4
Jocelyn DriveB5
Johnson CloseF3
Ken CloseF3
Kennion RoadC2
Keward AvenueB4
Keward BrookC5
Keward CloseB5
Keward WalkB4
Kidder BankF2
Kings Castle RoadG3
Kings RoadG3
Kippax AvenueE2
Lawpool CourtD4
Lax CourtB3
Lethbridge RoadB3
Lewmond AvenueE2
Little EntryE2
Lorne PlaceE3
Lovers WalkD3
Manning CloseE3
Market PlaceD3
Market StreetC4
Martins CloseB4
Mary RoadB2
Melbourne House MewsC3
Melrose AvenueC3
Melrose CourtC3
Merlin DriveB2
Mill StreetD4
Millers GardensE2
Milton LaneC1
Morgan's YardC4
Mount Pleasant AvenueB3
Mountery CloseD3
Mountery RoadD3
Mullins CloseB4
New StreetD2
Nightingale CloseB4
North RoadE2
Old Bristol RoadD1
Old Frome RoadG3
Old Mill WayB5
Orchard LeaC2
Osmond DriveB5
Palace CourtD4
Paray DriveE2
Paray PlaceE2
Parsons WayB3
Penn CloseF2
Perkins CourtB3
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Pinching CloseD4
Plumptre AvenueF3
Portway AvenueC3
Powell CourtB3
Priest RowC3
Princes RoadC4
Priory PlaceD4
Priory RoadC4
Queen StreetD4
Reakes CloseB3
Regency CourtC3
Reid CourtA3
Resevoir LaneC1
Rowdens RoadC5
Sadler StreetD3
Sealey CrescentF3
Serel DriveA4
Seymour CloseC3
Sheldon DriveC4
Silver StreetD4
Singleton CourtB2
Somerleaze CloseB4
Somerville RoadC2
South StreetD4
Spring RiseB4
St. Andrew StreetD3
St. Andrews Business ParkC4
St. Andrews CourtE3
St. Andrews MewsC4
St. Andrews WalkC4
St. Cuthbert AvenueA2
St. Cuthbert StreetC4
St. Cuthbert WayB2
St. John StreetD4
St. John's CourtC4
St. Thomas CourtE3
St. Thomas StreetE3
St. Thomas TerraceE3
Stiles CourtB3
Stillington CloseB5
Stoberry AvenueD2
Stoberry CrescentD2
Strawberry WayC4
Stuarts CloseD4
Teagle CloseE2
Teulon CourtD3
The CarltonsD4
The CloistersD4
The LibertyD3
Thompson RoadD5
Tor HillE3
Tor StreetE3
Tor Wood ViewE3
Tor WoodlandsE3
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Tucker StreetC4
Tuddington GardensB4
Tudway CloseB3
Turner CourtC4
Underwood Business ParkA1
Union StreetD3
Valley CloseC3
Vaughan CourtB3
Vicars' CloseD3
Walcombe LaneD1
Walnut Tree CloseB3
Wand RoadC5
Webb's CloseC4
Welsford AvenueB3
Welsford CloseB2
Welsh CourtA3
West StreetC4
Western RetreatA2
Westfield RoadC3
Wheeler GroveA3
Whiting WayC3
Wolsey CloseB4
Wood CloseA3
Woodbury AvenueE3
Woodbury CloseE3
Wookey Hole RoadB2
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Our team regularly visits Shepton Mallet to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Shepton Mallet's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Shepton Mallet map above.

Abbot LaneE5
Alfred CrescentC4
Allen DriveB2
Allyn Saxon DriveF3
Amulet WayG4
Angwin CloseD1
Back LaneA2
Barrendown LaneE1
Barrington PlaceB3
Barrow HouseD2
Beacon ViewC4
Beech AvenueC2
Berryman CloseB4
Bishop CrescentB3
Blackberry CloseE5
Blandford RoadF5
Board CrossC3
Bollnas CloseE5
Bourke RoadF5
Bowditch CloseB3
Brewery LaneG3
Buckland RoadB4
Bucklers WayB3
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Cannards Grave RoadE4
Cary CourtD2
Castle CourtC5
Cats AshD2
Cazenove CloseF5
Charlton CloseF3
Charlton RoadE3
Chestnut ParadeE4
Chio Rio CloseG4
Christopher WayC4
Church LaneD2
Churchill RoadC4
Clarks MeadowE5
Clover GroundE3
Collett AvenueE3
Commercial RoadD2
Compton RoadD4
Connock SquareE4
Constantine CourtG4
Coombe DellB2
Coombe LaneC2
Coombe ViewC2
Coopers MeadE4
Cornwall RoadC3
Cowl StreetD1
Cranmore CloseE5
Crowne Trading EstateG4
Dennett CloseG4
Domus DriveG4
Douglas DriveC4
Draycott RoadD2
Duchy RoadC4
Dukes FieldE4
Elm WayB2
Finch CloseB2
Forum LaneB1
Fosse LaneG4
Fosse Lane Ind. Est.F4
Four AcresE3
Frithfield LaneE3
Fry's WalkB3
Fuller CloseE4
Gaol LaneE2
Garden GroundE4
Garston StreetE2
Great BartonF2
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Great OstryD2
Greenacres CloseD4
Ham LaneA1
Hawthorn CrescentB2
Hazel WalkB3
Henley RiseF4
High StreetD2
Hill LaneD2
Hitchen LaneC3
Hobb's RoadF5
Home FieldsE5
Homecroft CourtE3
Hyatt PlaceB3
James CloseE5
Julian CloseE4
Kidds LaneF2
Kilver StreetF3
Kilver Street HillF2
Kings CloseC3
Kingsland RoadD4
Kyte RoadE3
Leg SquareE2
Lime GroveB2
Little Brooks LaneE4
Lockey RoadD4
Long AcreE4
Lower LaneD2
Lower Silk MillA2
Manship GreenC4
Market PlaceD2
Marsh CloseF5
Martins LaneG3
Mason WayC4
Maxwell RoadD4
Meadow RiseD1
Middleton LaneD5
Misburg CloseB2
Mistletoe LaneE5
Monmouth RoadC4
Moulton CloseC4
Naisholt RoadB2
Nalder CloseF5
Nightingale GroveE4
Norah Fry AvenueB3
Norton CloseB4
Old Market RoadD3
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Old Wells RoadA3
Park RoadD3
Paul StreetD3
Peter StreetD2
Pike HillC1
Pike LaneD2
Poppy PathE5
Princes RoadE1
Prospect CloseC2
Pullen CourtC4
Queen's RoadC4
Rectory RoadD2
Regal RoadD2
Regal WayD2
Roman VillasG4
Roundwell CloseB2
Shaftgate AvenueC2
Sherring RoadE5
Silk CloseD1
Society RoadB2
Somerset CloseF3
Somerville CloseF4
Southfield RoadC4
Spencer RoadE5
Springfield CourtC4
St. Peters RoadB2
Starling WayE4
Station RoadD3
Stevens CloseC4
Strode WayC4
Summerleaze ParkC3
The BatchD2
The BuddsE4
The Canaries PathE5
The MaltingsG3
The MaplesE1
The Mead,D2
The SistersC3
The WoodlandsG3
Thorne LaneE5
Tipcote HillD2
Town LaneE2
Town StreetD2
Trajan's WayG4
Victoria GroveF3
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Wainwright CourtC5
Walnut GroveE5
Waterer WayD5
Waterloo MewsD1
Waterloo RoadD1
Weavers CloseF4
Webber RoadE4
Wells RoadA2
West SheptonC3
Western CourtC2
Westleigh GardensC2
Westway CloseC4
Westway LaneC4
Whiting CloseE5
Whitstone CloseE2
Whitstone PlaceF3
Whitstone RiseF5
Whitstone RoadF4
Wickham WayC2
Willow DriveB2
Yeomanry WayF3
York MewsD2
Zion HillD2