Witney map & a map of Eynsham

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Our team regularly visits Witney to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Witney's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Witney map above.

Abbey RoadC4
Aldsworth CourtB4
Apley WayB4
Ashcombe CloseD3
Ashcombe CrescentD3
Ashdale AvenueF1
Avenue FourE5
Avenue OneD5
Avenue ThreeD5
Avenue TwoD5
Bakers PieceD2
Barleyfield WayF3
Barrington CloseB4
Bartlett CloseD3
Bathing Place CourtD2
Bathing Place LaneD2
Bathing Place MewsD2
Beech GroveG2
Beech RoadC3
Bibury CloseB3
Birch GroveG2
Birdlip CloseB3
Bishop‘s Farm MillE4
Blakes AvenueF4
Blenheim DriveC4
Bourton CloseB4
Bramble BankF2
Bramley HeightsC4
Bridge StreetE3
Bridge Street MillE3
Broad HillE2
Broadway CloseB3
Bromag Industrial Est.A2
Brook LaneG1
Burford RoadB2
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Burwell CloseB4
Burwell DriveC5
Burwell MeadowC5
Butter CrossD4
Buttercross LaneD5
Campden CloseB3
Campion WayF2
Captains MillE3
Carpenters SquareD2
Carriage CrescentD5
Cedar DriveF2
Charter PlaceD4
Chedworth DriveB3
Cherry Tree WayG2
Chestnut CloseE1
Chichester HouseE2
Church GreenD4
Church LaneE3
Church View RoadC4
Clinch CourtC3
Cogges Hill RoadF4
Collier CrescentD3
Colwell DriveC5
Compton WayE3
Cooper MewsD4
Corn BarC3
Corn StreetD4
Corndell GardensD4
Cornfield CloseB4
Cotswold MeadowB4
Court GardensG3
Courts GardensF3
Cranberry RoadF3
Crawley RoadD1
Crofters CourtD4
Crundel RiseC3
Curbridge RoadB4
Dark LaneD3
Davenport RoadC3
De Havilland WayA3
Deer Park RoadA3
Dene RiseC3
Des Roches SquareE4
Donnington CloseB4
Downs RoadA2
Drake LaneF2
Dry LaneA1
Ducklington LaneC4
Early RoadF1
Eastfield RoadE1
Eastwood RoadA2
Edington RoadB3
Edington SquareB3
Elm CloseB4
Eton CloseF5
Fairfield DriveC4
Fallowfield CrescentF2
Farm Mill LaneD4
Farmers CloseE2
Farmhouse MeadowC5
Farmington DriveB3
Farriers CourtD3
Fettiplace RoadB3
Fieldmere CloseC3
French CloseC4
Gleann CottagesF2
Gloucester CourtC3
Gloucester PlaceD3
Gordon WayD5
Grangers PlaceE2
Grey LaneF3
Hailey RoadD1
Harvest GroveG2
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Harvest WayF1
Hazel CloseF2
Henry Box CloseD5
High StreetD3
Highworth PlaceD4
Holford RoadC5
Hollis CloseF4
Holloway RoadD3
Hoyle CloseD1
Hyde Meadow ViewD2
Idbury CloseB4
Jacob's CloseD3
James Walker MewsC4
Jubilee WayG2
Judd's CloseF3
Kernhan WayD3
Kingfisher DriveD5
Kingsfield CrescentF3
Lancut RoadB3
Langdale CourtD4
Langdale GateD4
Larch LaneF3
Larkspur GroveG2
Lavender ViewF2
Lime WalkG2
Linkwood RoadA2
Loom LaneD2
Lowell PlaceD3
Lyneham CloseB3
Madley Brook LaneG1
Madley WayG2
Maidley CloseE2
Mallard DriveD5
Manor RoadF4
Market SquareD4
Marlborough LaneD4
Marriot's WalkD3
Marsh LaneE3
Marsh WalkE3
Mead LaneE3
Meadow CourtD3
Meadow LaneD2
Meadow ViewE3
Milking LaneD1
Mill MewsE3
Mill StreetD2
Mill WalkE3
Millers MewsD2
Millins YardD3
Mirfield RoadC3
Moor AvenueD3
Moorland CloseC3
Moorland RoadD3
Mountfield RoadC4
Narrow HillE2
Neighbourhood CentreF2
Network PointA3
New Bridge StreetE3
New Leys CourtB4
New Mill LaneC1
New Mill MewsD2
New Yatt RoadE1
Newland MillE3
Northfield Farm LaneF2
Northfield RoadF3
Northfield RowF2
Northfield SquareF2
Northwood RoadA2
Oakdale LaneF1
Oakdale RoadF1
Oakfield PlaceD4
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Orchard WayD4
Orkney PlaceC3
Otters CourtE3
Oxford HillF3
Painswick CloseB3
Park RoadC3
Park View CourtF3
Park View LaneF2
Park View RoadF3
Pine RiseF2
Popes PieceC2
Primrose CloseF3
Priory Mill LaneE3
Puck LaneD3
Quarry RoadD1
Queen Emma's DykeC4
Ralegh CrescentB4
Range RoadA3
Reed CloseG2
Rissington DriveB4
Riverside GardensD2
Rowan DriveG1
Saxon WayD4
Schofield AvenueD1
Schofield GardensD1
Sherbourne RoadB4
Snowshill DriveB3
South LawnC4
Spinners CourtD2
Spring CloseD4
Springfield OvalC2
Springfield ParkC2
St. Mary's CourtD4
St. Mary's MeadE4
Stanton CloseB3
Stanton Harcourt RoadF3
Stanway CloseB2
Station LaneD4
Station RoadD5
Stenter LaneD2
Stenter MewsD2
Stenter RiseD2
Stenter SquareD2
Stonebridge CloseE2
Stow AvenueB4
Swan CourtD4
Swinburn PlaceC4
Sycamore CloseE2
Taphouse AvenueD1
Tarrant AvenueF1
Tetbury DriveB3
The CrescentE2
The CroftsD4
The LeysD4
The Old CoachyardD3
The SpringsD4
The WillowsE3
Thorney LeysB5
Thorney Leys Bus. ParkC5
Tower CourtC3
Tower HillC3
Two RiversE5
Union WayC3
Vale RoadC3
Valence CrescentB3
Vanner RoadE1
Viner CloseE1
Wadard's MeadowF3
Waine Rush ViewE3
Walnut CloseC4
Water LaneF2
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Waterford LaneF3
Waterford RoadF3
Waterford SquareF3
Waterloo WalkD3
Weavers CloseD4
Welch WayD3
Wenman CloseD3
Wenman RoadB3
Wesley WalkD3
West EndE2
West End Industrial Est.D2
Westcote CloseB4
Westfield RoadD1
Wilkinson PlaceC3
Willow BankD5
Wilmot CloseC5
Winchester CourtD3
Windrush CloseC3
Windrush Industrial ParkA3
Windrush Park RoadA2
Windrush QuayE3
Windrush Valley RoadB3
Windrush ViewD1
Witan ParkE5
Witan WayE4
Witney RoadC1
Witney Trading EstateD5
Woodford MillD2
Woodford WayD3
Woodlands CourtF2
Woodlands RoadE2
Woodley GreenG1
Woodstock RoadF2
Woolgate CentreD4
Wychwood CloseB3
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Our team regularly visits Eynsham to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Eynsham's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Eynsham map above.

Abbey Farm BarnsB2
Abbey PlaceB2
Abbey StreetB2
Acre End CloseB2
Acre End StreetB2
Back LaneB1
Bartholemew CloseA1
Beech RoadB1
Blankstone CloseB2
Blenheim CourtB2
Cassington RoadC1
Cheltenham RoadB2
Chillbridge RoadA2
Clover PlaceB2
Conduit LaneB2
Cuckoo LaneA1
Dovehouse CloseC1
Duncan CloseB1
Evans CloseB1
Evans RoadB1
Falstaff CloseB1
Grange Mill CourtB2
Greens RoadB1
Hanborough CloseB1
Hanborough RoadB1
Hawthorn RoadB1
Hazeldene CloseC2
High StreetB2
John Lopes RoadB1
Little LaneC1
Lombard StreetB2
Marlborough CloseB1
Marlborough PlaceB1
Merton CloseA2
Merton CourtA2
Mill StreetB1
Mill Street MewsB2
Millmoor CrescentB1
Newland CloseB1
Newland StreetB1
Old Station WayB2
Old Witney RoadA1
Orchard CloseC2
Oxford RoadC2
Pelican PlaceB1
Pinkhill LaneB2
Queen StreetB2
Queens CloseB1
Queens LaneB2
Shakespeare RoadA1
Spare Acre LaneB1
Star CloseA1
Station RoadB2
Stratford DriveB1
Swan StreetB2
Tanner LaneC2
Thames CourtB2
Thames StreetB2
The OrchardC1
The SquareB2
Thornbury RoadA1
Tilgarsley RoadA1
Wharf RoadC2
Willows EdgeA1
Witney RoadA1
Wytham CloseB1
Wytham ViewB1