Midsomer Norton map, Peasedown St. John map, Radstock map & a map of Paulton

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Our team regularly visits Midsomer Norton to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Midsomer Norton's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Midsomer Norton, Paulton and Radstock map above.

Abbey ViewF3
Abbots Farm CloseA2
Acacia RoadE4
Alder TerraceE4
Alexandra ParkB2
Alexandra TerraceB1
Alpine CloseB2
Alpine RoadB2
Ambares CourtC4
Ash Tree CourtE4
Ashleigh CloseB1
Ashman's GateB1
Badman CloseB2
Barnaby CloseC3
Barton WellB2
Bath New RoadE2
Bath Old RoadF2
Bath RoadC1
Bearberry MeadowD5
Beauchamp AvenueC5
Beauchamp Park (1)C5
Beaufort AvenueC3
Beech TerraceE4
Beecham PlaceD5
Belle VueC3
Berkeley AvenueC3
Bevington CloseC4
Bince's Lodge LaneC3
Birch RoadE4
Blackberry WayC3
Blackbird CloseC5
Blackdown Way (2)C5
Bloomfield LaneB2
Bloomfield RiseB2
Bluebell RiseC3
Book CloseA1
Boundary CloseC5
Bowlditch LaneC2
Boxbury HillB3
Briar CloseE4
Bridleway CloseB5
Bristol Road (Paulton)B1
Bristol Road (Radstock)E2
Brittens CloseB1
Brittens HillB1
Broadway LaneC2
Brooks RoadB5
Brookside CloseB1
Brummel WayA1
Bryant AvenueD4
Burlington RoadD3
Burnet CloseA1
Bushey CoombeC3
Butchers CloseD4
Cam ViewA1
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Carlingford TerraceF3
Carter RoadA1
Cautletts CloseB5
Cedar TerraceE4
Chaffinch DriveC4
Chapel CourtE2
Chapel LawnsE2
Chapel RoadE2
Charlton LaneD5
Charlton ParkC5
Charlton RoadC5
Chaucer RoadD4
Cherry Tree CloseE4
Chestnut Close (M-S-N)E4
Chestnut Close (Paulton)B1
Chilcompton RoadB5
Church CourtC4
Church HillG3
Church LaneC4
Church SquareC4
Church Street (Paulton)A1
Church Street (Radstock)F4
Clandown RoadB2
Clapton RoadB4
Clevedon RoadC3
Clifford DriveB1
Clover CloseB2
Cobblers WayD4
Colliers RiseF3
Colliers WayE5
Cotswold GardensC5
Coxwynne CloseD4
Crawl LaneD2
Cypress TerraceE4
Daneacre RoadF3
Down ViewE4
Duchy CloseE2
Duchy RoadE2
Dymboro AvenueC4
Dymboro CloseC4
Dymboro GardensC4
Eagle DriveD4
East MeadC3
Eastdown RoadE2
Elm RoadB2
Elm TerraceD4
Elm Tree AvenueD4
Elm ViewC4
Excelsior TerraceC4
Exmoor Close (3)C5
Falcon CloseC4
Farrington RoadA2
Fern CloseC4
Fir Tree AvenueB2
First AvenueD5
Fisher CloseC3
Five Arches CloseD3
Florida TerraceD3
Folley CloseB5
Folly CloseB5
Fortescue RoadE3
Fosse GreenE2
Fosse LaneD3
Fossefield RoadC5
Fosseway (M-S-N)D4
Fosseway (Radstock)E2
Fosseway GardensD4
Fosseway SouthD5
Foundry WalkB1
Fourth AvenueD5
Frome Old RoadF3
Frome RoadF3
Furlong CloseB5
Geldof DriveC3
Gladstone StreetC3
Grace DriveC3
Grange EndC5
Green CloseB1
Green Parlor RoadG4
Green Vale RoadB2
Greenfield WalkC3
Greenhill PlaceC3
Greenhill RoadC3
Greentree RoadC3
Gregory's TyningB1
Grovewood RoadE4
Gullock TyningC4
Hallam CloseC3
Hallatrow RoadA1
Ham GardensD4
Ham GroveB2
Ham LaneB1
Hanham LaneB1
Hanover CourtF3
Harts PaddockB3
Hawthorn RoadF4
Hayboro WayB2
Haydon GateE4
Haydon HillF4
Haydon Industrial Est.E5
Hayes Park RoadB3
Hayes RoadB4
Hazel GroveD5
Hazel TerraceD5
High AcreB2
High MeadowsB4
High ParkA1
High Street (M-S-N)C4
High Street (Paulton)A1
Hillside AvenueB5
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Hillside CloseB1
Hillside CrescentB5
Hillside RoadB5
Hillside ViewC3
Holly CourtC4
Holly WalkE4
Holwell CloseB2
Hope TerraceC4
Huish CloseG3
Huish CourtF4
Inner Elm TerraceD4
Ivy WalkC4
Jubilee CloseC5
Jubilee RoadD4
Jubilee TerraceA1
Keats RoadD4
Kestrel PlaceC5
Kilmersdon RoadF4
Kingfisher DriveC4
Kingsley RoadD4
Kipling RoadD4
Kitley HillD2
Kittyhawk CloseD4
Knobsbury LaneG4
Laburnum CloseB4
Laburnum GroveB4
Langleys LaneA3
Larch CourtE4
Larchwood CourtF3
Lark CloseC4
Laurel DriveB1
Lilac TerraceD4
Lillington CloseF4
Lillington RoadF4
Lime TerraceD4
Lincombe RoadD4
Linden CloseE4
Linnet WayC5
Little OrchardB1
Long BarnabyC3
Longfellow RoadD4
Lovers LaneC2
Lower WhitelandsF3
Ludwell's OrchardB2
Luke's CloseE3
Lyndhurst RoadC5
Lynton RoadC5
Lynwood CloseC5
Magdalene RoadG3
Magnolia RoadE4
Mandy MeadowsB4
Manor Copse RoadG3
Manor Farm CloseB1
Manor ParkG3
Manor Park CloseG3
Manor RoadG3
Manor TerraceG3
Maple DriveE4
Maple RiseF3
Mardons CloseC4
Market PlaceE3
May Tree CloseE4
Meadow RoadB2
Meadow ViewF4
Mells LaneF4
Mendip CloseB2
Mendip GreenC5
Mendip WayE2
Merlin WayD4
Midsomer Enterprise ParkD3
Mill CourtC4
Mill RoadF3
Millards HillC3
Milton RoadD4
Miner's GardensE3
Monger LaneC3
Morley TerraceF3
Mount PleasantF3
Nightingale WayC4
North EndD3
North RoadC4
North ViewD3
North WayC4
Northdown RoadD2
Northmead AvenueB3
Northmead CloseB4
Northmead RoadB3
Oak TerraceE4
Old Fosse RoadE2
Old Millards HillD3
Old Mills LaneA3
Old Pit RoadD5
Old Print Works RoadA1
Old RoadG4
Oliver Brooks RoadB5
Orchard AvenueB4
Orchard CloseD4
Orchard GardensB1
Orchard RoadB1
Orchard ValeB4
Orchid WayG4
Oxlease WayB1
Paper LaneA1
Park CloseB1
Park RoadA2
Park WayC5
Paulto' HillC1
Paulton LaneE1
Paulton RoadB4
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Perry CloseD4
Phillis HillB3
Pigeon FieldA1
Pine CourtF3
Pine WalkE4
Pine Wood AvenueB4
Pine Wood GroveB4
Pine Wood RoadB4
Pines WayF3
Pit RoadC4
Pithay CourtB1
Plovers RiseF3
Plumptre CloseB2
Plumptre RoadB2
Poets CornerD4
Polden WalkC5
Pow's HillD2
Pows OrchardC4
Primrose LaneC4
Prince's StreetE2
Priory CloseC4
Providence PlaceC4
Purnell WayB1
Quantock Close (4)C5
Queen's GateF3
Queen's RoadF4
Rackvernal CourtC4
Rackvernal RoadC4
Radstock RoadD4
Railway View PlaceD4
Redfield GroveC4
Redfield RoadB4
Redlands TerraceB5
Redwood CloseE4
Riverside CloseB5
Riverside CottagesF3
Riverside GardensB5
Riverside MewsF3
Riverside RoadB5
Riverside WalkB5
Robin CloseC5
Rock RoadD3
Roman WayA1
Rowan CourtE4
Rudgeway RoadB2
Ruskin RoadD4
Salisbury RoadB2
Second AvenueD5
Shakespeare RoadD4
Shelley RoadD4
Shoe LaneA1
Silver StreetC4
Simons CloseB1
Smallcombe CloseE2
Smallcombe RoadE2
Smallwood ViewB5
Somer AvenueB3
Somer CloseC5
Somer CourtD4
Somer RidgeC3
Somer RoadB4
Somer Valley Enterprise PkB3
Somerset WayB1
Somervale RoadE3
South RoadC4
South View PlaceC4
Spencer DriveC3
Sperring CourtC4
Spring Ground RoadB2
Springfield BuildingsF3
Springfield CrestF3
Springfield HeightsE2
Springfield PlaceE2
Springhill CloseA1
St Julien's CloseB2
St. Anthony's CloseC3
St. Barnabas CloseC3
St. Chad's AvenueC4
St. Chad's GreenC4
St. Charles CloseC3
St. John's CrescentC4
St. Lukes RoadC4
St. Mark's RoadC4
St. Mary's RiseG3
St. Pauls PlaceC3
St. Peter's RoadD4
St. Thomas RoadC3
Stanley CourtC4
Stanley TerraceF3
Station RoadC3
Station ViewC5
Steam MillsB4
Stoneable RoadF3
Sunny MountD4
Sunridge CloseB4
Sunridge ParkB5
Swallow CloseD5
Sycamore RoadF4
Tamblyn CloseF3
Tanner CloseD4
Tennis Court AvenueA2
Tennis Court RoadA2
The CoombeG3
The DringE4
The DymboroC4
The HolliesC4
The IslandC4
The LeazeD4
The MeadB2
The StreetE3
The TimbersC5
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Thicket MeadC3
Third AvenueD5
Trinity CloseB1
Twelve Acres CloseA1
Tyning HillF3
Underhill AvenueB4
Underhill LaneB4
Upper CourtD4
Vale ViewF3
Valley View RoadB1
Valley WalkD3
Victoria SquareF3
Victoria TerraceB1
Vivien AvenueC3
Voake CloseC3
Waldegrave TerraceF3
Wallenge CloseB1
Wallenge DriveB1
Walnut BuildingsF3
Warbler CloseD4
Water LaneC2
Waterford ParkE4
Waterloo RoadF3
Waterside CrescentD4
Waterside RoadD4
Waterside WayD4
Wellow Brook CourtD3
Wellow Brook MeadowD3
Wells HillE3
Wells RoadE4
Wells SquareE4
Welton GroveC3
Welton RoadE3
Welton ValeD3
Wesley AvenueD4
West Hill GardensE4
West Hill RoadD4
West RoadB3
West ViewA2
Westfield TerraceD4
Wheelers CloseD4
Wheelers DriveD4
Wheelers RoadD4
Williams GreenB1
Winterfield CloseB2
Winterfield ParkB2
Winterfield RoadB2
Withies LaneC4
Withies ParkB5
Withies WayC5
Woodborough LaneF3
Woodborough RoadF3
Woodpecker AvenueC4
Writhlington CourtG3

Our team regularly visits Peasedown St John to keep this map up-to-date.

KEY: Peasedown St John's Street Names

Use the grid reference below to find the street in the Peasedown St John map above.

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